About Us

Hello, thank you for visiting our little site.

Lynch's Brew is a small Cornwall, UK based tea and coffee company. The Lynch family is a quintessential English family, and we love our tea and coffee. Having experimented with different beans, leaves and blends for generations we decided to start selling what we love. 

The Lynch family have always had a love for lemurs. They are quite simply the mascot of our family and now therefore, of our business. They are adorable, curious creatures from Madagscar and need a lot of conservation to help secure their future. Our business donates a percentage of it's sales to lemur based non-profit organisation(s).

We as a family have not only been lovers of good tea and coffee for generations, but have also worked in the trade. The founder of this company has himself worked in various capacities selling Italian coffee and Chinese tea, among many other blends and origins over the years, learning in depth about and sampling a huge variety of brews.

We carefully vet and select our coffee and tea based on quality, taste, aroma and whether or not it was ethically sourced. We always use ethically sourced products which help farmers around the world. 

All our products are tested, blended and packaged personally in our home kitchen. 

But that's enough about us, we look forwards to doing business with you, we hope you will begin to look to us for all your tea and coffee needs.